The Jhumpa Huts

The Jhumpa Huts home at HACRA Dhani allows you to experience the life of local people.

The Jhumpa Huts


Experience authentic rural life in Thar desert, people live in round thatched huts, floor plaster made of mud, straw and cow dung, you will get chance to fulfil your curiosity about how locals live, culture, tradition, nature and wildlife of Thar desert the arid region of western Rajasthan.


The region is densely populated arid landscape dotted with hamlets of huts and sandstone houses, green millet fields during monsoon period(July to Oct.), domestic animals (sheep, goats, cows and camels), nature/wildlife (flora and fauna) of Thar so-called Our Living Desert.

Bird watchers found an interesting variety of bird species in this desert region mostly during monsoon and post-monsoon harvest time (end of Sept.-Oct. month).

Activity to choose from or experience all including camel safari, camel cart ride and walking.

This whole experience gives one opportunity to interact with local people and learn about desert nature/wildlife (flora and fauna), your stay in ‘The Jhumpa’ huts home at HACRA Dhani allow you to get to know how local meals are prepared using very local specialities of beans/pods collected from local trees and other homemade food varieties from millet, milk and yoghurt (all locally produced).

Your accommodation

  • TheJhumpa is a simple and back to basics traditional desert style huts located on a relatively high semi-deserted hill from where one can enjoy the surrounding desert view, sunset and sunrise.
  • Huts are local authentic home so there is no luxury at all.
  • Eco homestay in our living desert (mud, sandstone slabs wall and thatched roof) truly live like a local.
  • No electricity, No running water, No attached toilet (separate toilet-wash room with bucket water).
  • We provide a cot with mattresses and blankets, solar lamp/lantern for evening lights.

It Opens from July to Mid April every year.

Minimum two nights will be the recommended duration of stay. Three nights for slow holiday people.

**Those travellers who stayed one night find it very short.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in the above experience or want to choose your own duration with interest you have in mind according to your holiday time.


Our Happy Customers

Thank you for all the kindness, good food and a lot of stories that give more insight and understanding of life and history in India. We love the quietness and peace if the desert an unforgettable experience.

Hans Overeem & Yvette Seppenwoolde, Netherland

Thank you so much for making our stay so interesting and enjoyable. you made a fantastic birthday party for Sarah. We will never forget sitting around the fire under the stars listening to the enchanting music of Rajasthan.

John & Sarah, Bristol, England

We enjoyed every moment of all the time we spent with you and your family. This was the real Rajasthan that we Marwaris had wanted to see for a very long time. The warmth and APNAPAN you showed us by having us as a guest in your house, was really special to us and we would cherish these moments and memories for all our lives. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. 

Divya & Chanchal Agarwal, Banglore, India

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