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Every human being is important and all human beings owe something to their fellow inhabitants of this planet.

Hacra Volunteers Opportunities


Namaste !!

We at HACRA volunteering opportunities extend our warm welcome to the people who strongly believe in the cause of education and where support is in needs to empower the desert community by giving your time and skill directly or support indirectly in a genuine way as ‘Giving back to the world we travel‘.

  • Teaching English to local desert community children at public school or class after school help children in reading and writing skills
  • Teaching Creative Arts, Sports and games.
  • Science, Hygiene and Environmental protection skills, Help us cleaning nature by picking plastic, glass bottles.

Explore desert rural culture while practising your English with the local children !!


Participate in our two volunteers programs


1. Community-based rural tourism development project.

RESEARCH: Do research and point out potential tourism activities in the field of rural community tourism in the less visited area of Thar desert and Aravalli hills.

TRAINING: We are looking for trainers/experts in the field of tourism and hospitality and outdoor activities field to train local community member including youngsters and women how to run and manage them exiting community tour.

MARKETING: Taking pictures and videos and promote our rural tourism activities, community development projects on the internet, social media, writing reports and articles to reach better marketing goal by international networking.


2. Teach English Volunteers


Teaching in India

Even though India can register a rising education, there is still a lot of potential and need for international volunteers to support local schools, in a rural area, especially in the Thar desert.

Although there are many initiatives to work on the issue of poor education, it is still a concern in rural Rajasthan.

Projects focused on assisting with educational initiatives provide local children with the opportunity for a better education. This is a great chance for children who couldn’t afford to go to good school otherwise.

Volunteering as a teacher and mentor for these kids is not only very rewarding, it will also help you grow as a person.

To be working in teaching projects in India’s desert state  Rajasthan you need to be:

  • open minded
  • creative
  • flexible
  • prepared to face challenges

In some volunteer programs in the Thar desert India, you can find yourself teaching in an open-air classroom, under a tree and the need for creativity and improvisation is paramount.

As a volunteer in India in the field of education, you will be working either in a team and if you have the necessary skills you might get the chance to plan classes independently.

If you decide to work as an English teacher you will help in improving the vocabulary as well as spoken English skills of the students.

We recommend you to make use of your creativity to organize educational games to play with the children.

Teach English in the volunteer program and assist our children of the Thar desert to learn English, teach basic computer, help with homework, share love and laughter, sing, dance, be happy and make them happy.

Participating as volunteers you are supporting a better and bright future of our children of Thar desert Rajasthan, India.

Program Details


The project is titled “Our Living Desert Volunteer Project“.

The project is run in a primary school where the level of spoken English is absolutely dismal owing to many reasons.

Volunteers will assist the children to speak basic English. You could teach them Alphabets, Counting, Days of weeks, Months of the year, Manners, etiquette, introduction, body parts, play spelling games and many others.

You can also help the children learn some music, dance and other extra activities for their personality development.

Activities & Shift for Teaching


Usually, we follow two timings which are 8:00 am to 1:00 pm in the summer time and 10:00 am to 3:00 pm in the winter time.

There is a break for 45 minutes.

Weekends are off or you can choose to work on Saturdays too.

The volunteers can go on a desert walk, camel ride, visit local families, temples, attend weddings, reading books or painting and yoga to keep they rejuvenated and fit.

Animal and Wildlife Conservation


Did you know that India is the only country where both lions and tigers are found in their natural habitat in the present-day?

However, the Bengal tiger is threatened by habitat loss, conflict with humans and illegal wildlife trade and is therefore considered to be one of the most endangered big cats in the world.

As a volunteer in India, you can get involved in tiger conservation efforts and help these endangered animals in their own incredibly picturesque natural habitat.

In addition to walking and vehicle-based safaris, you will take part in all manner of tiger conservation activities, wildlife management, and community focused initiatives during your time as a volunteer in India at a wildlife conservation project.

The wealth and variety of the local wildlife population provide perfect volunteer opportunities in India.

There you can get involved with all sorts of animal and nature conservations.

Your contribution as a volunteer in India will help biologists perform monitoring and research of the local nature and wildlife.

If you want to explore India’s fauna even further, the national parks, Thar desert and arrival are a popular travel destination. However, the parks won’t be the only place you are going to get close to wild

Don’t be surprised to see elephants walking around on the streets and monkeys trying to steal from you. Seriously, don’t get too close to these monkeys!

Biodiversity and its conservation

India is one of 17 megadiverse countries, which means that it harbours at least 5000 species of endemic plants and is bordered by a marine ecosystem.

Furthermore, India contains three biodiversity hotspots, one of them being the 21.2% of forests that cover the country’s landmass.

Unfortunately, the human encroachment of the past decades has endangered India’s unique biodiversity critically.

And even though the country has made great progress in the past in terms of environmental protection and awareness, there are still many environmental issues that India has to face.

Do you think that protecting the environment is one of the most important challenges of our time? Your motivation to do volunteer work in India can make a difference where it is really needed!

The 5 most important environmental challenges India is facing are:

  1. groundwater depletion
  2. land/soil degradation
  3. air and water pollution
  4. loss of biodiversity
  5. greenhouse gas emissions

Many of the social volunteer programs in India dealing with these issues are in desperate need of your helping hand and support as a volunteer in India.

Other volunteer work in India that you can get involved in deals, for example, with organic and sustainable farming or environmental awareness education.


Code of conduct: we feel that every person has a common sense to understand how to behave in a new country, community, culture and people.

We will have a short orientation program discussion where we shall discuss in which way you can help us.


Still, need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at guidedesert@gmail.com or call us at +91 94605 85154